Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Corrosive - Pass Da Mic Lyrics

Yo, pass da mic 2 bowser and watch acidic acids devour
the hardest lyrical fitness that you'll ever encounter
braggin' rights at pass da mic officially at melao
the lechugo, tomatos, and mayo bendahos
a piano with a flow, a pivotal pinnacle parity
a rarity apparently, nobody does it like sarah lee
as merely, passionate, as corrosive, or hazardous
a modern day parallel 2 the story of lazaruth
a live wire mic rider, a main event highlighter
my record started with the demo and even at signs prior
knocked out competition b/c sive is a prize fighter
add the silencer on my glock put a dot on your eyeliner
b4 my eyes close my bios 2 be wide known
from casselberry 2 cairo, a pairo, im ice cold
the better quality like sony, yall phony like vaio
somebody you might know like mike jones or shyne po
not 2 many friends but true 2 those who are genuine
i pass da mic 2 my brother the 1 who had got me in 2 this